Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Lead educational change in your community

Nathan Russell, Deputy Principal at Fergusson Intermediate school in Wellington, studied at The Mind Lab by Unitec in 2015 to develop his skills in educational technologies and contemporary pedagogies. What he discovered through collaborating with his new network of future-focussed educators was that his learning could have a far broader impact than just his school.

Nathan wanted to further develop his leadership skills so he could help the teachers in his school effectively integrate technology into their classrooms and engage students.

Whilst attending sessions at The Mind Lab, Nathan was given the opportunity to connect and learn with like-minded educators from his local community. Through collaboration with other teachers on the programme, he discovered that numerous local schools were experiencing similar issues with technology integration and staff development. He started meeting regularly with his new network of change agents to share learning and ideas for transforming education. Through this collaboration, the Upper Hutt Connected Communities Cluster initiative was born.

The goals of the collaborative community are:

  • Building e-learning capability and closing the digital divide between schools
  • Gaining a common understanding of quality 21st-century teaching practice
  • Developing effective digital pedagogies that prepare students with knowledge, skills and dispositions for the 21st century

Through improving teacher practice and engaging students, the initiative also aims to raise student achievement. The power of collaboration can not be underestimated. If we want education to evolve we need to lead the process and collaborate. When teachers and schools work together to catalyse change, great things can happen.

Well done Nathan for leading educational change in your community!

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