Monday, 8 February 2016

Explore ideas, challenge yourself and dream the dream

Fee Holdsworth, Social Media and Technical Advisor at Tauhara College in Taupō is passionate about creating authentic, engaging and inspiring learning opportunities for students in her community.

Fee’s journey began when she saw a news story about a group of The Mind Lab by Unitec students learning to solve problems using robotics. She knew instantly that these practices could help her develop future-focused skills in her classroom.

“I was always trying to grasp how we might best prepare and equip our students and communities with the skills they need to be inquisitive, innovative and life-long learners. The Mind Lab by Unitec has helped me realise that to achieve this, I needed to change the way I operate both as a teacher and a learner myself,” she says.

In 2015, Fee completed The Mind Lab by Unitec’s Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice (Digital & Collaborative Learning), a qualification that has had a fundamental impact on her perspectives and approach to teaching.

“The Mind Lab’s Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice breaks all of the stereotypical boxes of what a postgraduate course looks like. It’s engaging and I’ve had a lot of fun ­– you’re certainly not drowning in textbook readings and writing essays. My approach to learning has changed dramatically and I’ve become a lot more curious towards my teaching paradigms.

“Better yet, it was great to meet and work with other like-minded teachers on the course, all of whom are on a similar journey. I loved heading into The Mind Lab each week to learn something new, so that I could then race back to the classroom to try it out!”

Fee wants to thank the team at The Mind Lab by Unitec, who she says are truly inspiring and the essence behind why this course is so important. Fee said the qualification is a must for anyone in education who is passionate about learning.

Fee is now on a sabbatical this year, so she can complete a Master’s degree in Applied Practice. We wish Fee all the best with her study, and can’t wait to see the impact her study makes in the Taupō community.

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