Thursday, 25 February 2016

Four Principals is Better Than One

Good things happen when a bunch of principals get together with the future of their students, and community, in mind. Great things happen when they enlist the help of The Mind Lab by Unitec.

Rosina, Saane, Sonia and Karl are four Manurewa principals leading the charge towards revolutionising education in their South Auckland community. As school leaders, they recognised the  influence they have over their students and community. But they didn’t stop at that humbling appreciation, as many people do. They put their powers to use, and took action.

It all started with the realisation that their schools had much in common. Similar cultural background? Check. Comparable approach to teaching? Check. All four voiced their belief that being responsive to their community - listening to the wants and needs of parents - is paramount. However, their most significant shared trait was their deep desire to transform their teaching practice through the use of technology. Cue, a coalition of determined principals: Pacific Island Manurewa Principals. And cue: The Mind Lab by Unitec.

As you can gather from the clip, their Mind Lab experience didn’t just guide them as to the direction of their teaching practice, but went deeper… It helped them navigate that first step on their journey, as Rosina recalls. Rosina also found the programme “fun, exhilarating and uplifting” - a course where she learnt how to shape herself into a better leader. Karl found that The Mind Lab course provided him with the theory and experience to back up the innovative techniques he learnt, and all in a welcoming, supportive environment. Each one of them now feels much more confident when using digital tools, and knows exactly how to use them to accelerate student learning. Put simply? In their words, “eye-opening”.

It takes just one courageous person (or, better yet, four of them) to action positive change and transform the lives of an entire community of New Zealanders. Our Pacific Island Manurewa Principals are doing just that, by sharing what they learnt with local teachers at their own workshops. You’re true Kiwi heroes, and have our unwavering support.

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