Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Bay of Plenty is abundant in more than you may think…

Much of the time, the beauty of a city is determined by its inhabitants. You could have an adventure park, a crystal-clear lake and natural hot springs on your doorstep… but it’s the community, the inner-workings of its people that make all the difference. 

Rotorua is a city that has the best of both worlds.

Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru is just one Rotorua-district initiative working to take the community to new heights. They believe digital devices have unlimited potential to enhance student learning, and generously support local people with the same mindset. The NEXT Foundation, a nationwide organisation, is devoted to the environmental and educational excellence of future New Zealanders and provides funding to those attempting to do the same.

Both organisations were instrumental in supporting four Rotorua Boys High School staff members to join our 32-week Postgraduate Programme in Digital & Collaborative Learning. Nicky, Rosalind, Matt and Richard work across the curriculum (Science, Social Science, Deputy Principal and Technology) but are united by their Mind Lab journey. As leaders of their faculties, they have felt “empowered”, “excited” and “stimulated” by their journey so far and feel better able to lead their fellow staff members towards a more contemporary teaching pedagogy.

Matt (Deputy Principal) spoke of his Mind Lab experience as a “welcome change” that has generated some “wonderful outcomes” within the school. But it doesn’t end there. Take a peek at the clip to hear more about how their inner transformation has affected the staff and students around them!
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