Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Gareth Haddon - 'NEXT Foundation Expert Teacher' Award Winner

Passionate, dedicated and aspirational are just a few words you could use to describe Gareth Haddon of Aorere College. A ‘NEXT Foundation Expert Teacher’ can now be added to that list. His constant commitment to self-improvement through iterative self-reflection is to be admired, and now acknowledged in award-form. And rightly so!  
Gareth embodies passion, dedication and aspiration. Being a geography, social science and robotics teacher at Aorere College didn’t sway his confidence in applying for, and excelling at, postgraduate study with us. Gareth embraced the journey with open arms and implemented learnings from our every session into his classroom the next day. Integral to this successful process was constant self-reflection. After each lesson Gareth asked himself what could have been improved and took action the next time round.

His future is full of promise. It’s a place where students see him as the teacher that asks more questions than he answers, opening their eyes in the process. It’s also a place where he holds a leadership role in the school and community as a whole. Watch this space!

He recognises the ability of each and every one of his students to achieve greatness - and is providing the perfect environment for them to do so. Congratulations Gareth - the recognition was well deserved.

From everyone at The Mind Lab by Unitec and NEXT Foundation

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