Thursday, 26 May 2016

Where should The Mind Lab by Unitec go next?

Today’s education demands new skills, new knowledge, and new connections, no matter where you are. Educators in the regions: The Mind Lab by Unitec heard your call and we have taken on the challenge of meeting you in your backyard - or at least at your local school.

While having eight locations spread across Aotearoa is game-changing in itself, having twelve locations will allow us to have even more of an impact. Over 1,400 educators have completed our Postgrad Programme, and 40,000 kids have been through our physical labs. But this is just the start of our journey and we have so much more ground to cover.

Our goal is simple - to take professional development to the regions. To provide all educators, across Aotearoa with the power to deliver contemporary education practices to their students.

But with demand for our Postgrad Programme coming from every corner of New Zealand, we had a hard choice on our hands: where to next?

Who better to make that decision than the educators themselves! Now’s your chance, folks...

  1. Search for your school or location
  2. Fill in your details to express your interest
  3. Crowd-source some support from other local educators
  4. Once you reach 40 applications, just await our arrival!

The race is on!

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